Artist Statement

  I come from a world of ponytail-facelifts, wedgies, and glitter hairspray, where chalk is the remedy for callouses ripped open, and athletic tape holds most of the team together. Throughout my practice, I play upon sensibilities gained from my background as a competitive gymnast; a dynamic balance of grit and grace.

My work focuses on identity, repair, and retroactive healing, within the body, landscape, narrative or material. I familiarize myself with a material through touch, exploring each nook and cranny as my fingers do the listening. I intend on using this careful attentiveness in all endeavors. My recent work has led me to question permanence and the malleability of materials, and I believe the method of creation are of equal importance to the work. I am drawn to iron, it feels right — it’s of the earth, of the body, of the home, found in kitchens, bathrooms, machinery, and plumbing. It’s humble in its quiet existence, strong yet brittle, exhibiting grit and grace.