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    Coming Home is a group exhibition coinciding with Bear River High School’s Class of 2007’s 10 year reunion, of which will be held on December 23rd. It features work from Emily Baker, Dane Brown, Amanda Evans, Amanda Kiefer, and Lindsey Nick; students who went on to pursue a career in the arts. Bear River has a range of art classes including photography, drawing and painting, and ceramics. Ag Mechanics also offers a range of technical and making skills. The choir, band, and dance programs also provide numerous performance opportunities, of which greatly benefitted a few of the the artists in the show as teachers in the arts. 

    While the artists in the show weren’t particularly close in high school, they’ve come together for this event and will continue to remain friends, resources, and colleagues in the field. It’s nice to look back and see the influence that the art, mechanics, choir, band, and dance teachers had on these artists. Curated by Emily Baker, Coming Home will be showcased online from December 23rd - February 23rd, 2018.

Peripheral Vision Announces The Salon 2017 Publication Fellows

Peripheral Vision is pleased to award Publication Fellowships to forty eight emerging and mid-career professional American artists in conjunction with our inaugural salon-style exhibition, curated by critic Georgia Erger. Submitted works represent the diversity of contemporary art practice and occupy various points of intersection around common themes and aesthetic concerns. Salon 2017, forthcoming this fall, will take the form of an introductory essay by the curator containing links to artist project pages.